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Using Instagram for your business

Elizabeth Cromwell


Phone displaying the Instagram logo

Instagram offers detailed, responsive, and useful analytics; you can learn a lot about your audience.

An Instagram business account’s analytics show the following, in relation to each post in your feed:

- Likes

- Comments

- Direct sends

- Saves

- Profile visits

- Accounts reached from that post

- Followers from that post

- Impressions, and where these came from (i.e. Home, Hashtags, Profile, Explore, Other)

Phone displaying Instagram analytics

Phone displaying Instagram analytics

Instagram Analytics

They also show:

- How many views your posts and stories received per week

- Your account’s reach per week

- Impressions per week

- Interactions on your profile

- Profile visits

- Profile growth

- Locations of your audience

- Age and gender of your audience

- The time(s) when your audience(s) is online

You can use this information to ascertain what kind of content and which hashtags work best with your audience.

By constantly tracking and referring back to your analytics, you can continually hone and target your content to the age(s) and gender of your audience. The type of content that appeals differ from age group to age group; you can convey the same message, but the way in which you convey that message needs to be customised to each separate audience.

A relatively new feature to Instagram is the ability to sell your products through the app. You can set up a shop on your profile and link items to relevant products featured in your social media posts - your audience won't have to leave the platform to purchase your products.

To boost lead generation, add a ‘contact us’ button to your profile. It makes it even easier for potential customers to call or email you.

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