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Website editors: Which is the best (part three)?

Greg Devine


Webflow logo on blue background

Creating a website is now easier than ever before, with a multitude of different web-based programs available that you can use to create both simple and advanced level websites—even by those with little website-building knowledge.

The problem is: which website editor should you use? I’m someone with little knowledge about website creation and I’m therefore well placed to make comparisons, which will be published on In The Know over the coming weeks. I feel that this is a true test, as I’m very much the target market for the most popular template website editors that are currently available.

Across this series, I’ll be engaging four different editors (Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow and Wix Editor X) and rating them based on these categories: ease of use, design options, costs, and any notable extras.

Webflow homepage image

Webflow homepage image


Webflow sold me a dream; however, it was one I soon woke up from. The software itself is amazing, but you’re going to need to spend some time and effort if you want to understand it.

Ease of use

This is not a simple program to use, but perhaps it shouldn’t be when you consider all it can do. You can create some stunning websites with it and large organisations use it to its full extent. Unfortunately, I’m not a large organisation. If I had the time to sit through all of Webflow’s tutorials and gain a real understanding of the program, I would definitely suggest it as the best editor out there, but for a beginner, I just can’t recommend it with the same enthusiasm.

Design options

It really does blow you away what a website can do in 2021, and how relatively simple it can be to achieve something that wows visitors. There was a number of templates on the Webflow platform that were incredibly professional in their appearance; that said, I think, if you learnt how to fully use the Webflow software, you could create some beautiful, bespoke websites that would really stand out.


Very reasonable. You can create two websites on a free basis, and you could make them look amazing. Personally, if I were to use this software to its full extent, I really wouldn’t complain at having to pay for it, as the results would be worth the cost.


The effects this program allows you to utilise—and for free—is amazing. There are loads of animation files that can be used to take your website to the next level, but this isn’t a builder for beginners, which does affect the score I’m awarding, when comparing Webflow to other template-style editors.

Score: 7.5/10

In summary: There’s no doubt that Webflow offers a range of effective and attractive templates and design options. However, this program is not for the faint-hearted. That’s not to say that a complete beginner couldn’t get to grips with the editor, but it will take them time to understand how it works; it’s certainly not something you could pick up in a few hours.

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