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What is ITK magazine?


In the Know is a media company that helps boost clients’ visibility and credibility, to ultimately increase their profitability. We do this by utilising our innovative knowledge bank; by also incorporating our monthly e-magazine, we ensure our clients are clearly seen by their target market as thought leaders.

As media specialists, our expertise covers all areas of content creation and publishing. This could include article writing, proofreading or helping to boost a client’s visibility with one of our specialist packages. As a team, we’ve helped to create and develop dozens of interactive magazines on behalf of various organisations.

Having launched ITK magazine in July 2020, we have already seen huge success, which shows that, even during a pandemic, there’s a need to effectively market your business to the right target market.

As the sister company of Novus Marketing Solutions Ltd, a well-established, successful marketing agency, ITK has access to tools and equipment, as well as skill sets, we ordinarily would not have access to. This means that technology and equipment is not a barrier to our growth; it also means that we have the ability to design and build the e-magazine and business exactly the way we want to, right from the start.

Why would you want to work with ITK magazine?

With consumers’ buying habits moving more and more to online buying, it's vital that you are where your customers are looking. As a magazine that’s all about business, our audience is made up of business owners and decision-makers within companies. If you want to get in front of other business owners, this is where you need to be.

Backlinks and guest articles are key elements of effective SEO and localised SEO. Your article, when published on the ITK site, will go out to your target market. It will be SEO optimised and linked back to your website, to a page you would like increased exposure to.

When you look at websites with high Google rankings, they tend to have high domain authority; this is heavily influenced by the backlinks they have. So, become a thought leader in your industry, get in front of your target market, and increase the SEO of your website - all via the ITK website and through the ITK magazine.

Article submission starts at just £150. Your article will be professionally edited by our content writers, and we will include the appropriate meta tags and description to ensure it points back to your website. We guarantee that your article will be seen by 1000 people through our Facebook business page.

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