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What is Twitter and can it benefit your business?

Twitter is a social media platform that allows its users to post short updates

Elizabeth Cromwell


angled photo of pc monitor with twitter home screen present in blue

Made up of no more than 240 characters. Just like on other platforms, users can like, comment and retweet other people’s tweets on to their own page/feed. Users follow other users and they’re also able to message them in private, through the direct message feature. 

It does more or less what all other social media platforms do, so what makes Twitter so popular?

Twitter is like a constant conversation. Its fast-paced nature makes it as much of a news site/source as an online space for users to hang out.

The platform offers the ideal opportunity to connect with like-minded people that are talking about topics you’re interested in, that are relevant to your business. The search bar shows all tweets related to any topic you search for. Find out which topics are trending, and if any relate to your business, tweet about the subject; as people discuss, and search for content on, the topic in question, your tweet will go out to masses of people.

The search bar feature is useful for any business engaging in social listening. Again, any keywords or topics that you search for, Twitter will show all related tweets. You can also search your business name and it will unearth what people are saying about your business (if they are even talking about you at all). 

Another thing that makes Twitter so popular is its simplicity. It’s easy to navigate, easy to create a post, to reply to people, to like and share tweets, etc. 

However, there is one aspect of the platform that’s considered a major negative - and that’s the fact that you can’t edit a tweet. Once you’ve written an update and posted it, it cannot be edited. Your only option is to delete it all together then reupload the post once you’ve made your edits. 

What are your thoughts on Twitter as a social media platform? Tweet your reply to @intheknowemag. 

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