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Who actually wants Liz as PM? Just call an election!

Greg Devine


Black and white person submitting an electoral vote envelope

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Actually, I can answer that question quite easily. The rich want Liz Truss, and now they’ve got her. Whilst the rest of us wait for 2024 to get rid of this untrustworthy government, what can we expect under the rule of Britain’s third female prime minister?

Sorting out the cost-of-living crisis and energy calamity must form part of Liz’s main agenda. Don’t get your hopes up too much, though—she has done everything to avoid calling the current turmoil a ‘crisis’. Last time I checked, Liz paying over three grand a year for electricity wasn’t normal. When the entire country is in the same boat, I’d say that constitutes a crisis.

Don’t worry, though. Edwina Curry has some brilliant ideas around saving money. You could stick some tinfoil behind your radiator, or move your sofa that’s sat in front of said radiator, to warm the house better. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a radiator needs to be switched on for it to work, which will be the issue if families cannot actually afford to put the heating on.

Liz will most likely make a U-turn on the proposed national insurance increase. Will this help the working class, most of whom can’t afford to pay their bills? No, but it will make her rich friends and Tory donors happy when they have some more pennies to spend. She’s also got the many different strikes to deal with, which, by the looks of things, will probably be dealt with if she bans industrial action—because who needs democracy anymore?

In her celebration speech, she thanked Boris Johnson and praised him for things like Brexit, vaccines and standing up to Russia. News flash, Liz, Brexit is a living nightmare that’s nowhere near sorted when you consider the state of things over in Northern Island. Yes, our vaccine rollout was quick, and deaths subsequently slowed, but it’s hard for death rates to rise when most of the people that were vulnerable to COVID had already caught it and died. Russia? There’s still a war, there are still unresolved issues with Europe, there are still atrocities happening in Ukraine. So, yes, thank you so much, Boris Johnson. Thank you so much for the lack of hope young people have been left with; maybe, by the time I’m 80, I’ll finally be able to buy a two-bed house in Rotherham or a couple of bricks down in London.

I’m not a devout Labour supporter, nor am I a ‘woke lefty’ (I actually preferred the idea of Boris Johnson over Jeremy Corbyn, but I still voted Labour). I know, however, when a government is failing its country—you don’t need a degree or even a GCSE to see this. Sure, Liz deserves a chance to put things right, but I’ve got very little faith that she will. My only hope is that things will be so bleak for the Conservatives they’ll have no choice but to call a general election. Maybe then we can finally experience some competency behind the doors of Number 10.

The only positive I can see is that we now have another female PM. I actually agree with the debate this has started, and the reflection that the Labour Party has never had a female leader. Truss isn’t exactly in good company, however—Margaret Thatcher torched the North and Theresa May, who I actually quite liked, was unceremoniously ousted from Parliament in a similar manner to Boris. Liz also didn’t achieve the landslide she would’ve wanted. She got 57.4% of the vote, which just happens to be the lowest margin of any Conservative leader chosen by members.

I’ve also got to feel for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Previously, the Conservatives have been quite supportive of this section of the population. David Cameron was incredibly supportive of same-sex marriage, legalising it in 2014. Theresa May is very supportive of trans-rights and wants to ban conversion therapy. Liz Truss, in comparison, isn’t as supportive of LGBTQ+, and she will have lost whatever support she may have had from this community after claiming that trans-women are not real women. It’s actually a bit disgusting to write that.

Liz is set to fail—I’ll be incredibly shocked if she comes out the other side as a good PM. In view of this, do the right thing, Liz…let the public decide who should be PM and call a general election now.

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