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Why businesses need to be consistent when it comes to their content



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Many of us know that content is king. In this highly competitive business world, content can help you develop a brand presence, increase audience engagement, and drive more sales. Besides this, digital content can minimise the costs associated with traditional marketing and advertising methods whilst still ensuring growth for your business.

However, when it comes to the content businesses post on their website and social media channels, they often forget a key aspect. Without this particular element they may wonder why they didn’t achieve their desired results when putting out their content, even though they may have made a substantial investment in both time and money to do so.

Good content can bring resounding success. What matters most, however, is consistency. Research has shown that content is nothing without consistency. You’re unlikely to reap the best outcome if you don't put out new content regularly and strategically.

The benefits of consistent content

Consistency impacts audience decision-making. Your content carries your USP—how you can be differentiated from your competitors, your values as a company, the type of customers you wish to engage. Publishing content regularly helps both you and your customers remain aware of what you stand for and who you’d like to attract. It’s staggering to learn how much your content influences your audience’s decision-making—much more than any other technique.

Consistency increases authority and credibility

How many times have you learned of a product or brand and subsequently visited their website/social media platforms—only to find the last time they showed any signs of life was years ago?

In such circumstances, did you have the following thoughts?

  • Are they still trading?

  • Do they care about their customers?

  • Are they likely to know what my needs are, as their customer, or are they stuck in the past?

  • What the hell will they be like to deal with…do I even want to find out?

Consistency is one of the biggest factors when it comes to establishing the credibility of your business and how well you’re positioned to be an authority in your industry. If you publish content consistently, your customers are more inclined to trust you and view you as a thought leader. They will consider you a credible source of information.

Consistency improves your SEO and website traffic

Following the changes in consumer buying habits because of the pandemic, physical and digital business spaces have effectively merged; therefore, having an online presence is crucial. You need to build trust and authority to be visible in the digital stratosphere, to as many potential customers as possible, which is achieved through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Over the years, SEO has become more competitive, though the factors that contribute to its effectiveness are still the same. Constant content shows search engines that your website is well maintained and active, whilst posting quality material means readers will come back to you again and again.

Consistency generates better leads

With the help of technology, it has become easier for organisations to understand their website visitor data and social analytics, which tells them more about their audience(s). Such insight helps businesses ensure their marketing hits its target. Because, if it doesn’t, this knowledge helps them tailor and adjust their content strategy, which eventually generates more leads, and from people already looking to buy what the company offers.

It’s tempting for small businesses to only post content when they have something to promote, but this isn’t a strategy that works, long-term. Your aim shouldn’t be to talk AT your customer, but to talk TO them…to find out more about their needs, wants and desires, and to form a relationship with them. Whether you sell pens or palaces, this approach works. It takes time, it can’t be done in a few posts spread over the year.

The internet, unfortunately, has many voices talking at once. Sporadic messages will simply dissolve amid the noise. Only by carving out a constant narrative will you break through the chatter and see people digesting what you have to say.

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