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Will you be flying any time soon?

Elizabeth Cromwell


Aircraft, photo taken from under the aircraft

After being isolated for the last five months and many having holidays postponed or cancelled (in some cases postponed then cancelled!), there's no wonder the great British public are so eager to get away and soak up the sun in their favourite holiday destinations. 

Many airports have reopened to carry passengers to a variety of destinations, including Greece, Italy, Paris, and many more. EasyJet has been forced to add more flights to cope with the increasing demand of UK holidaymakers. 

Boss of EasyJet, Johan Lundgren, stated that, 'This increased flying will allow us to connect even more customers to family or friends and to take the breaks they have worked hard for.'

The way we now board a plane has undergone a rethink in order to help keep passengers as safe as possible. There will be no more crowds of people rushing to board flights; instead, you're expected to adhere to social distancing rules whilst queuing. Staff are kept behind screens, and the ground crew won’t touch your boarding pass or passport. You're encouraged to continue social distancing as you board the plane and to wear a face mask or covering for the duration of your flight, with the exception of children under the age of 6. There's no trolley service while on board, which means you will no longer be able to buy snacks or duty-free items in the sky; however, some flights may still be offering beverages whilst in flight. Once you land, there will be no rushing to disembark the aircraft either; each row of seats will be told as and when they can leave the plane. 

Those who take the risk to go on holiday have been welcomed abroad with procedures in place - such as wearing your face masks to the bar, and queuing to sunbathe on the beach.

One holidaymaker said that, when you walk into a restaurant, 'you're greeted with hand sanitiser before you sit down'. Another stated that the local towns are 'absolutely deserted. There's nobody there'. They added, 'they’re so happy to have tourists they even give out free drinks'.

Deserted restaurant table with place settings set up

Deserted restaurant table with place settings set up

Some local towns are deserted

As Spain has seen a rise in cases, those who currently visit this popular holiday destination are being told that they will have to quarantine for two weeks when back on UK soil. 

For those of you who wish to keep your feet firmly on the ground, and who would rather go on a weekend break here in the UK, you're now allowed to stay away overnight. 

You can travel to anywhere within your country's borders and sleep in a second home or self-contained holiday accommodation. Not only this, hotels, B&Bs, caravan parks and campsites have also reopened their doors to British holidaymakers looking to get away. 

Whether fly highing or remaining grounded, stay safe and follow the government guidelines.

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