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Greg Devine

Greg is currently on a placement with ITK/Novus and studies Computer Science. He one day hopes to be a secondary school teacher.
When not on placement or studying he enjoys video games and watching a multitude of sports.

Man stressed while working on laptop

Do 15 minutes to complete an hours worth of work


Productivity experts claim that, when completing difficult tasks and in order to work for much longer, you should say to yourself, ‘I’m just going to do 15 minutes’

Invest in yourself scrabble letters word on a blue background

Make 2022 the year you invest in yourself


New equipment is expensive, that goes without saying but when is a purchase an investment or just an impulse buy?

closeup image of milk bottle and milk glass on blue background

Use your common sense


Morrisons recently announced they’re to scrap the ‘use by’ date on milk...

Editor X Homepage

Website editors Which is the best part four


Editor X is simply Wix on steroids. Easy, cheap, but professional all the same.

Webflow logo on blue background

Website editors Which is the best part three


Webflow sold me a dream; however, it was one I soon woke up from.

Squarespace logo

Website editors Which is the best part two


This time, it is Squarespace's turn..