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Greg Devine

Greg is currently on a placement with ITK/Novus and studies Computer Science. He one day hopes to be a secondary school teacher.
When not on placement or studying he enjoys video games and watching a multitude of sports.

Newcastle's Food and Beer Festival: A Culinary Adventure

Discover unique flavours, craft brews, and plant-based surprises in this student's day out.

Portrait of excited female football fan waiting for the premier league to start.

Debating Recent Changes in Football Rules Impact on Fairness and Competition


Football's back, but with new rule changes raising questions! Time-wasting crackdowns and player dissent measures sound good, but are they favouring bigger teams?

Students sharing a student accommodation.

The Reality of Student House Rentals Expectations vs Disappointments


Discover the challenges of renting a student house – from unmet expectations to subpar conditions. Is there a need for better regulations?

Retro gaming Consoles and Computers

The Evolution of Gaming From Childhood Joy to the Modern Era


A nostalgic journey through the world of gaming, exploring its evolution, challenges, and the impact of the free-to-play model.

Sun shining in the rain drops at sunset. Rain falling over green landscape with tree at sunset in summer

The Impact of Nature on Mental Health Discovering the Healing Power of Greenery


My first year at university has been everything I could’ve wanted and more. Moving to a new city was fun and challenging.

People working in a Apple factory

A Day in a Food Factory My Summer Job Experience


With university over until the autumn, I thought I should look for a summer job to earn some money for my next term.

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