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Greg Devine

Greg is currently on a placement with ITK/Novus and studies Computer Science. He one day hopes to be a secondary school teacher.
When not on placement or studying he enjoys video games and watching a multitude of sports.


The Drug Advisory Panel Is Right Don’t Ban Nitrous Oxide


I’m very open to the legalisation of drugs — I think many should be available for controlled purchase. I must admit, though, I find NOS incredibly scary.

Gary Lineker on the wall of BBC

Gary Lineker and the BBC My Opinion


Dominating the news in the past week, Gary Lineker made some tweets, people became unhappy and Match Of The Day went on strike. Let's all just take a minute to breathe here...

Horse racing

I Tried Horse Racing and Loved It


ITK contributor Greg surmises that there may be plenty of people who’ve never enjoyed a day at the races. He was one of them, until recently.

Young man playing Video Games

Are the PS5 and Xbox Series XS Failures


The next generation of games consoles has been out for quite a while now. Sony released their PS5 in November 2020, as Microsoft released the Xbox Series X; however, nobody could get their hands on either one at that time.

Picture of Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Proves Single Player Games Arent Dead


Single-player games have been a rarity in recent years. The gaming industry has been taken over by the free-to-play model, simply because, in the long run, it can make more money for the developers.

Old British Rail Logo

Nationalisation is the only thing that will save our railways


I’m currently sat on an LNER Azuma train from Newcastle to Doncaster. The train should’ve left at 19:02; it’s now 19:40. This isn’t a huge a problem for me, admittedly—delays happen, and I’ll receive a refund of sorts.

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