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Greg Devine

Greg is currently on a placement with ITK/Novus and studies Computer Science. He one day hopes to be a secondary school teacher.
When not on placement or studying he enjoys video games and watching a multitude of sports.

Thermometer showing high temperatures and a bottle of water on white background

Should we be more resilient to extreme heat


As top temperatures in the UK have now reached 40 Celsius, some people are calling for new legislation regarding working in extreme heat.

The Decline of Patriotism Among Young Adults and the Prospects of Conscription


Comparing the impact of national service in the 1950s to today's challenges.

The Future of UK Nightlife Is it Dying or Evolving


Discover how smaller venues and themed nights are reshaping the UK's vibrant nightlife.

Unpacking the Reasons Behind the Scepticism Towards Tesco Clubcard


Delve into the scepticism surrounding Tesco Clubcard and uncover the truth behind its data collection.

When Snow Shifts from Enchantment to Nuisance Exploring the Changing Face of Winter Magic


From enchanting landscapes to unexpected hurdles—journey through the evolving magic of snowfall.

Aston Martins City Car Chronicles Decoding the Unlikely Tale of the Cygnet


Dive into the surprising journey of Aston Martin's city car, the Cygnet!

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