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Greg Devine

Greg is currently on a placement with ITK/Novus and studies Computer Science. He one day hopes to be a secondary school teacher.
When not on placement or studying he enjoys video games and watching a multitude of sports.

Snow on High Street summit, above Haweswater, The Lake District, UK

A British holiday in winter


UK holiday destinations don’t tend to be overrun in November, especially with lovers of good weather. Despite this, I still chose to go away with my mates to Tattersall Lakes in a caravan.

Clock with Christmas Mittens

Stop the changing of the clocks


Being a student often means late nights. Most of my lectures are in the afternoon and I’m quite a night owl, so it’s worked out nicely for me. The issue I have now it’s winter is a lack of sunlight.

Cream coloured map of South Yorkshire, featuring Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

South Yorkshire is dying


I love where I’m from. Rotherham and Sheffield are very much home to me, they’re where I feel I fit in the most. Evidently, my love for the region isn’t mirrored in Parliament.

Fifa World Cup Finale Russia 2018 winners holding a trophy in celebration, cheering with gold confetti

Im struggling to get excited for the World Cup 2022


I love football—I spend my weekends watching it and my weekdays talking about it. You’d therefore imagine I’d be excited about the World Cup 2022.

Old classic box TV playing static in a dark and misty room

What Has Happened to British Television


I’m back in sunny Yorkshire for a couple of days as it’s a reading week. Essentially, it’s my university’s half term but without the holiday—I’ve still got loads to do! In my limited downtime...

grandparents showing their grandchild a photograph book of their past

Your Greatest Learning Tool Is Your Grandparents


What isn’t taught in schools is common sense and how to be streetwise. In fairness, school isn’t about learning life skills—it’s the job of your parents to teach these things, but this can result in knowledge gaps.