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Spring clean your Social Media

Overhaul your social media for business growth

Spring is finally here, and it's typically time to get rid of your old stuff and clean forgotten places.

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Our digital spaces can become just as messy as our homes. Clearing away the junk and dust from your social media strategy will put your business in the right place for growth. Get rid of everything that’s cluttering your social media. You won’t need rubber gloves or a mop, just the right approach and actionable tips.

Conduct an audit of your social media platforms

Objectively review which social media platforms you use to reach your potential audience. Are you seeing a return on each? Social media platforms are not equal. Some are good for sharing video content; others, for text. They can also attract different audiences. Determine which platform(s) better engages your audience then put your time and money into that one.

Every other platform you use, hoping to maximise your reach, is just a waste of your effort and a drain on your time. Don’t be swayed to follow the trend…do what’s right for your business, your audience and your business goals.

Auditing your social media is a great way to gain an insight into where your business sits at the current time, and what you need to improve to achieve greater success.

Give your social strategy a refresh

Once you’ve reviewed your social media platforms, assess how well your current strategies work. If adjustments need to be made, don’t be afraid to make them.

Keep things simple and perhaps look at what your competitors are doing. Evaluate their successes and see where you may be lacking.

Consistency is key. Social media is not for creating posts every once in a while. Social media is a powerful marketing tool that requires a solid strategy.

Our world is turning fast nowadays, and marketing trends can change overnight. Tools and techniques that may have worked for you in the last quarter may not be as effective now. Any delay allows your competitors to move forward, so address any outdated aspect of your social media strategy and flood it with fresh ideas and a new plan.


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