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Unwrapping the Unusual: Strange and Wonderful Advent Calendars in the UK for 2023

An abstract UK advent Calendar

In Britain, the tradition of Advent calendars is as deeply ingrained as a cup of tea in the afternoon. Traditionally, these calendars house a daily dose of chocolate to sweeten the countdown to Christmas. However, in recent years, the world of Advent calendar has taken a wild turn. Move over, chocolate Santas; it's time for Friends, sexy surprises, and even tools to make an appearance in the festive countdown.

Weird Advent Calendars in the Black Friday Sales

The Black Friday sales have unleashed a parade of unique Advent calendars, catering to every taste imaginable. From the iconic 'Friends' TV show advent calendar to Ann Summers' 12 Nights of New Sensations Sexy Advent Calendar, there's a calendar to spice up the season. And if festive socks or tools are more your style, there are options like the Happy Socks festive socks advent calendar or the Tool advent calendar. It seems that the traditional chocolate squares have some tough competition this year.

While the typical Christmas calendars often feature chocolate delights, the trend of branching out into beauty, gin, whisky, or beer calendars is on the rise. However, 2023 has taken it to a whole new level, introducing spooky advent calendars, music-themed ones, and even calendars tailored for couples. Whether you're a fan of crackling pork, cheese, popcorn, or Pringles, there's a peculiar advent calendar crafted just for you.

Here are some of our favourite Strange advent calendars that have cropped up in 2023

Ilchester Cheese Advent Calendar

A Cheese Advent Calendar

Cheese enthusiasts, rejoice! This culinary delight of an advent calendar presents 24 miniature kinds of cheese, boasting a delectable array of flavours such as Applewood, Ilchester Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries, and the intriguing Ilchester Wensleydale Cheese and Gingerbread.

Coppenrath Gramophone Musical Advent Calendar

A Musical Advent Calendar

Indulge in a musical journey this festive season with the extraordinary Gramophone Musical Advent Calendar. Within its doors lie 24 mini vinyl records, each serenading you with a distinct Christmas melody. Accompanying this melodic delight is a mini-record player, adding a touch of whimsy to your holiday celebrations.

12 Days of Noodles Advent Calendar 2023

Koka 12 days of Christmas Noodle Calendar

This is very different as it's based around the 12 days of Christmas. Imagine the joy of savouring a piping hot bowl of soup, a perfect respite during the chilly winter months. This unique instant noodle countdown goes beyond the ordinary, delivering a diverse array of festive flavours that are bound to tantalize your taste buds.

Shocking Science Tricks Advent Calendar

A Science Advent Calendar

Immerse yourself in a world where science meets excitement, as each day unfolds an intriguing and electrifying scientific experiment or activity. This calendar not only entertains but also educates, making it an ideal choice for those who revel in the wonders of science and the joy of discovery during the festive season.

Wedgwood Christmas 2023 Advent Calendar

Expensive Wedgewood Advent Calendar

This extraordinary advent calendar stands out as the epitome of luxury, surpassing the rest with a price tag exceeding £800. Beyond being a festive delight, it transcends into a cherished family heirloom, destined to be handed down through generations. Crafted by Wedgwood, this opulent Christmas tree ornament advent calendar boasts an assortment of 25 exquisite porcelain ornaments, each adorned in the iconic Wedgwood blue.

Whether you're into hot chocolate, 'Friends,' retro radios, or even a Pringles snack, these advent calendars redefine the holiday countdown. 'Tis the season for surprises that go beyond the expected, making each day leading to Christmas a quirky and delightful experience. Cheers to the weird and wonderful spirit of the festive season!


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