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How do you differentiate your business?

660,000 new companies are registered in the UK each year, which is equivalent to 70 new businesses every hour.

Brett Riley-Tomlinson


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This means that, during a typical working day, 560 new companies are created.

That's why it’s so important that, as businesses, we know what differentiates us from our competitors. If I asked you what sets you apart from your rivals, what would you say?

Perhaps, you’d claim:

  • We have x number of years’ experience

  • We offer a better service than anyone else

  • We are honest and do what we say we’re going to do

Any business can make these statements. Instead, look into the specifics of what you offer that your competitors doesn’t. Look at their websites; look at what they’re doing; look at the reviews people leave for them.

You might find, when comparing your business against your rivals’, that you offer a product or service for free, as part of what you do—something that others charge for. You might offer a guarantee that your competitors don’t, or you might provide additional support that doesn’t feature in their menu of services.

Novus Buisness Card in a hand

Novus Buisness Card in a hand

As a marketing company, we have loads of competitors. Finding out what differentiates us is extremely important, as this becomes one of our unique selling points (USPs). For example:

  • One thing we have, that a lot of marketing companies don’t, is a content creation studio. Within it is a huge green screen stage, podcast room and photography area, as well as a large 4K TV that features our clients’ videos

  • Another thing we have that is wholly unique, is me. I’m a strategic marketing consultant, which means I specialise in the strategy behind clients’ marketing. Not many marketing companies offer this

These are just two examples of how we differentiate ourselves from our competition. Using these atypical and unique benefits, we employ content creation strategies that educate our audiences. We also use them as leverage when bringing on a new client. For example:

  • Videos are predicted to generate 80% of all traffic to websites and have become a necessity for every kind of business as a result. As we offer a 6m x 3m x 2.5m green screen stage, the only limit to your videos is your imagination.

This article is an educational, value-added post that shows how we stack up against our competition, which is not too sales focused.

Another example of our approach:

  • Not sure of the best way forward for your marketing? Come and have a coffee with Brett, our Strategic Marketing Consultant. Having worked with hundreds of businesses across a wide range of sectors and industries, and after delivering huge returns on his clients’ investments, he can point you in the right direction. He’ll ensure that your first step is a success and will help you foster your future growth.

Both statements are differentiators of ours that sound a lot better than the normal, bog-standard sales posts you see on social media. They also educate the audience about two of our services.

So, go forth and research your competition. See what they do in comparison to you—you may be surprised how much you offer as part of the job, and how much your customers value that about you.

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