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“On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to meeee....

…well, me, in HD!”

Brett Riley-Tomlinson


Girl recording piano playing on mobile phone

This year has proved how incredibly important digital marketing is; it’s shown it to be one of the main ways to communicate with customers in today’s fast-paced, 24/7 world.

Because some of us have had more downtime than normal during 2020, and because other avenues of escapism/communication have been restricted too, the use of social media has grown exponentially. Great for the user, but this increase in activity has made it even harder for businesses and brands to stand out from the crowd. This is where videos come in.

The stats speak for themselves when it comes to a video’s ROI and the impact they have within your marketing. As well as their ability to share a message to your audience in a matter of seconds, each video can easily be repurposed, i.e. the content of the video can be broken down into audio, and transcribed into the written word. So, not only does a video instantly impact your marketing efforts, you can also create other marketing material from them too.

You can even use a smartphone to create your marketing videos. We recommend using Inshot, as it’s free and it’s also quite a powerful editing tool.

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As you would expect with any video editing software, Inshot allows you to apply standard edits to your video, such as trimming, cutting and re-ordering, etc.

However, what Inshot also allows you to do, in comparison against other video editing apps, is add your own filters, effects, transitions and music.

With a catalogue of popular music and an ever-growing list of features Inshot is the go-to app for homemade videos. You’ll never be able to make production-standard videos with the app, but why would you expect to - that’s what we’re here for. For social media use Inshot is fine; if you look at most viral videos, quite often they’re created on someone’s phone.

Whether you're an aspiring influencer or a company trying to stand out from the crowd, videos are the way forward. Inshot turns your smartphone into your own personal video-creating machine, which is an effective way of using today’s technology to keep costs down.

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