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Podcasting still on the rise

Diane Hall


Podcast set up

We wrote an article for our sister company, Novus Marketing Solutions, quite a while ago, which talked about how podcasting was on the rise in business.

Fast forward through a pandemic, and it seems that this form of media is still doing well.

A study by 118 118 Money has shown that many Brits have a side hustle going on, additional to their day job. These side hustles earn them, on average, an extra £5,000 per year, which is not to be sniffed at if it’s something they enjoy doing.

Of all the side hustles, podcasting is the most profitable, so’s it’s perhaps no surprise that everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon to host their own show.

In 2017, 8.99 million people listened to podcasts. Last year, this rose to 15.61 million.

The income podcasters enjoy comes from sponsorships and adverts; however, for the business podcaster, it’s also a very good way to get your company/brand noticed as well as sending traffic to your website. On top of that, a podcast gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, share your knowledge and attract potential customers to you.

To remain competitive and to educate clients on what you offer, businesses need to provide content. This could be social media posts, blogs/articles, a series of videos…or a mix of them all and more. 

Podcasting is another form of content, and if sessions were recorded, could prove a very quick and easy way of stockpiling subjects to repurpose into something else in the future.

woman recording a podcast

woman recording a podcast

Our lives are so busy nowadays, and it seems that listening to a podcast suits a lot of us. We can listen to them whenever we want and wherever we are. Some people like to listen whilst they’re cooking, in the shower or walking the dog. Others like to absorb the information whilst commuting. 

The convenience is just one benefit…the sheer range of subjects and topics to listen to and learn more about is huge.

To some extent, this could be a hurdle to overcome. For instance, if there are already hundreds of ‘business podcasts’ out there, why should you start one? We all have our own way of explaining things; we have unique imaginations and creative skills; we run our businesses in different ways, and we will all have different goals we’re working towards. Whilst you may not be sharing anything ground-breaking on your podcast, how you share it will almost certainly be individual to you—and there will be an audience out there for it.

As a starting point, have a look at some of the shows that are already running on your topic of choice. Is there a gap in subjects you’d like to tackle? Is there a podcast running that you think you could not just emulate but do better? Listen to some podcast sessions to get a feel for how they start, develop and end.

Once you’ve decided what to talk about, and who you want to talk to (i.e. your audience), the next thing is to find where to record your podcast. There are likely to be a few podcasts/recording studios in your vicinity that can be hired by the hour or half-day (Novus has their own in Doncaster, for businesses to use, for example).

Ofcom statistics show that 39% of small business owners listen to podcasts generally, with 65% tuning in to their favourites on a weekly basis. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, these are listeners you could be engaging.

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