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What The FSB Offers Small Businesses

There are plenty of benefits to enjoy should you consider becoming a member of the FSB—or, to give it its full title: The Federation Of Small Businesses.

Pam Goodison


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Their mission is to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions.

The FSB was established 45 years ago and is a not-for-profit organisation run by its members. It offers a wide range of vital business services, it gives advice and support, and it houses lots of financial expertise. The organisation also acts as the voice of small businesses in government on a regular basis.

You can join the FSB for virtual events such as networking and business surgeries. These are free and available to businesses across the UK. Subjects range from ‘Reviewing your sales strategy’ to ‘Government contracts’.

The FSB works with policymakers and politicians across the UK and Europe to address issues that affect their members’ businesses, campaigning for changes to current laws on their behalf. A great campaign they’re running at the moment focuses on getting paid on time, which is something that makes a huge difference to businesses. You can learn how to reduce your risk of late payments and find out what to do if you fall victim to them.

Man stood in front of printing machines

Man stood in front of printing machines

The FSB is a national gateway to the UK Government’s Kickstarter Scheme, which encourages small businesses to support young people with job placements. There is also the FSB skills hub where you can learn more about different aspects of running a business, such as HR and marketing.

Membership starts at £147 in your first year. Similar to the British Chamber of Commerce, the FSB helps its members with everyday issues and less-common-but-sometimes-stressful scenarios, as well as most things in-between. Examples include Tax Investigations Protection and how to set up business banking. You could even volunteer to help drive the FSB’s next steps.

If you sign up to the organisation’s free monthly newsletter you can expect to receive expert resources that are designed to meet the unique needs of small businesses. It also features news/stories concerning small businesses and updates about the FSB’s key activity on behalf of the self-employed. Articles on their website cover a range of topics, from networking like a pro to learning about managing health and safety within your premises.

Should you wish to raise your business’s visibility and receive recognition for your entrepreneurial efforts, there is the option to be nominated for an FSB ‘Celebrating Small Business’ award.

The FSB offers a wide range of business support and provides a raft of valuable information. To find out more, visit

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