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Why you shouldn’t disregard TikTok for your business

A staggering 800 million people reportedly use TikTok

Elizabeth Cromwell


Mobile phone laid flat with TikTok loading screen

TikTok was created and released in China in September 2016. It hit the iOS and Android markets in 2017 and became available in the US in August 2018 when the app merged with a popular lip sync app: 

Since merging with in 2018, TikTok has continued to grow in popularity, creating a new wave of teenage influencers. 

The app itself allows users to record short videos of up to 15 seconds long, which they then share on their feed. Users can also create videos lasting 60-seconds by linking shorter clips together. Videos from outside of the app can be uploaded to a TikTok user’s feed; however, most users tend to stick to the 15 or 60 seconds allowed. 

As of January 2020, a staggering 800 million people reportedly use TikTok each month, which makes it the number one downloaded app of the year so far.

So, is TikTok the perfect fit for your business?

If you already knew of TikTok, you may have heard of its popularity amongst teenagers, with those aged between 13-17 representing 27% of the app’s users.

Image of age statistics for Tiktok users

Image of age statistics for Tiktok users

The breakdown:

⦁13-17: 27%

⦁18-24: 42%

⦁25-34: 16%

⦁35-44: 8%

⦁45-54: 3%

⦁55+: 4%

If your business has a product or service aimed at this audience, TikTok should absolutely be one of the tools within your marketing mix. What better way to get under your ideal customers’ noses than appearing where they hang out?

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