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First TransPennine Express Desiro DMU 185117 departs Scarborough railway station with a service to Liverpool.

Transpennine Express Under Operator of Last Resort

Passengers that use Transpennine Express will be well aware of the terrible service it’s delivered over the past year. I’ve even experienced it myself.


Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhanney Show the Correct Way to Invest in Football

Wrexham AFC is the third oldest club in the world, and Wales’s oldest. It’s a club full of history, yet it isn’t what you’d consider successful.

Why You Should Go to a Car Boot Sale

On the last Sunday of my Easter break, my mates and I all wanted to do something different. One of them suggested a car boot sale. As we had no alternative ideas, we gave it a go.

Why is TikTok being targeted by (some) Americans?

Recently, the CEO of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew, was hauled into a hearing where he faced some inane questions from the committee he faced.

The Drug Advisory Panel Is Right, Don’t Ban Nitrous Oxide

I’m very open to the legalisation of drugs — I think many should be available for controlled purchase. I must admit, though, I find NOS incredibly scary.

As Mass Effect 3 turns 11 are people investing in new games?

My Daughter (Female, 15) continually plays both Minecraft (originally released in 2011) and Roblox (originally released in 2006) and rarely ventures into new game territory.

The BBC have already lost the war for the 10:30am radio time slot

Due to speculated internal politics at the BBC, Ken Bruce was forced out at the start of March despite original plans to fill out the remainder of his contract which would allow the BBC to find a replacement host and maybe even a rival game show.

I Tried Horse Racing and Loved It

ITK contributor Greg surmises that there may be plenty of people who’ve never enjoyed a day at the races. He was one of them, until recently.

Hogwarts Legacy Proves Single Player Games Aren’t Dead

Single-player games have been a rarity in recent years. The gaming industry has been taken over by the free-to-play model, simply because, in the long run, it can make more money for the developers.

Love Island is awful, but I still watch it!

Often described as the lowest form of entertainment, Love Island is mind-numbing, but that’s the point.

Remember Wordle? Did you know that there’s a musical version?

I think I’ve found another game for us all to play…Heardle.

The death of entertainment

I admit, I don’t watch a lot of TV. That said, I do tune in to a few mainstream shows. I loved the BBC’s newest psychology exercise, The Traitors—it felt like an original format/concept, and it kept my family gripped.

The rise of ‘free to play’ games

The gaming industry has a new trick up its sleeve—the free to play model—which has become a popular way to attract new players.

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