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Design for non-designers using templates

Elizabeth Cromwell


Inked images of potential web site layouts

Now that consumers and businesses have migrated online, how your content looks matters much more than it previously did.

Have you ever created a digital design of some sort, even though you're not a graphic designer? I know I have. Here are my top three tips for non-designers to help make your creative assets look like they were professionally created. 

Find templates

My first tip is to find an app or website that allows you to edit their templates. These templates have been created by professional graphic designers who know what works aesthetically. If you follow the template and just change the images and text, you'll be onto a winner. 

an example of canva, the free online design site.

an example of canva, the free online design site.
edited canva image replacing the main photo and text

Canva example

Our Edit

Less is more 

When it comes to editing the templates, try not to change the layout. As already stated, these templates are created by professionals; once you start changing aspects of the template, you may spoil the overall the look. Leave designing to the designers.  

Same for same

If you want to change the colours of the template to your brand colours, that's fine. If there's a darker colour in one place, replace this with a dark colour from your own branding palette. The same for same rule also applies to fonts; you can replace fonts to ones within your brand guidelines, but if the template has the font as Bold, keep it Bold. If it’s in Italics, keep it in Italics. 

There are many apps/websites out there that will let you edit their templates, such as:

⦁ Canva (mobile app and accessible online)

⦁ Adobe Spark/Adobe Spark Post (mobile app and accessible online)

⦁ PicMonkey (mobile app and accessible online)

As mentioned, there are many apps and websites that will allow you to do the same thing - these are just the three most popular. It's simply a matter of finding the one you prefer. 

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