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“On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to meeee… LinkedIn Social Selling Index”

Brett Riley-Tomlinson


linkedIn logo on phone

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index is a great way to evaluate how you utilise LinkedIn for free. Of late, I haven’t personally been as active on LinkedIn as I would normally be, which is a regret. I’m aware of just how great LinkedIn is for building your network and educating your audience on what you do. I tend to find that the posts I create on LinkedIn have much more reach than the ones I put on Facebook; as LinkedIn is primarily for business professionals, not only do these posts go out to more people on this platform, they are seen by my target market.

Here is what my LinkedIn Social Selling Index looks like:

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bretts social index

bretts social index

As you will see, even though I haven’t posted much over the last few months, my stats are still quite high. Historic posts I’ve created are still getting traction. Another thing I’ve found with LinkedIn (unlike my content on Facebook) is that posts I created weeks, if not months, ago are still receiving likes and comments. Therefore, the more quality content I post on LinkedIn, the more content there is for my audience to consume and share with their network. How often do you see a post on Facebook that was created more than two weeks ago?

For me, the biggest benefit of LinkedIn is building relationships. If my score ever drops below 24 I make sure to visit the platform and chase up all the conversations I’ve had, as I may have missed a few.

The second most important part of LinkedIn, for me, is establishing my professional brand. So many people ask for referrals on LinkedIn, but you only refer those you know and trust. I find that the higher my score, the more often I get referred to people for marketing help and advice.

To find this valuable feature, type ‘LinkedIn Social Selling Index’ into Google:

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Google search results

Google search results
linkedIn results

It can usually be found at the top of Google’s results; here, in my case, it’s highlighted in purple, as it’s a website I’ve previously visited. Once the page loads, simply click on the ‘Get your score free’ button and it will do it for you:

You’ll also find some handy presentations on the page that teach you what the various data means and how you can grow your score.

Over the next twelve days, I will be sharing various tips with you; these will involve tools and techniques that I’ll actually be employing myself in the run-up to Christmas. Let’s see if my score improves in such a short period of time...

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