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Website editors: Which is the best (part four)?

Greg Devine


Editor X Homepage

Creating a website is now easier than ever before, with a multitude of different web-based programs available that you can use to create both simple and advanced level websites—even by those with little website-building knowledge.

The problem is: which website editor should you use? I’m someone with little knowledge about website creation and I’m therefore well placed to make comparisons, which will be published on In The Know over the coming weeks. I feel that this is a true test, as I’m very much the target market for the most popular template website editors that are currently available.

Across this series, I’ll be engaging four different editors (Wordpress, Squarespace, Webflow and Wix Editor X) and rating them based on these categories: ease of use, design options, costs, and any notable extras.

Screenshot of editor x editor

Screenshot of editor x editor


Editor X is simply Wix on steroids. Easy, cheap, but professional all the same. I was seriously impressed.

Ease of use

Incredibly easy—it was as simple as dragging boxes around a screen…and they actually went where I wanted them to go! I wasn’t limited as to where I could place things and there was a number of different things that I could add without much hassle at all.

Design options

Personally, I found Squarespace’s templates better and that platform had a wider range; however, I don’t think templates are the sole point of EditorX. This software comes into its own when you know what you want to create and how you want it to look. You have utmost control of the design aspects of the website and it’s all easy to use, though there are tutorials should you struggle.


Most of EditorX is completely free. Certain things are locked behind paywalls, but nothing noteworthy in my opinion. The free domain was very professional; however, if you opt for the free version this does mean that EditorX can apply its watermarks at the top and bottom of your webpages. Should you want to remove these, prices seem reasonable; however, I would recommend doing your own research on this aspect.


This was the most painless editor of them all. Everything I wanted to do just worked. I never found myself fighting against the program for it to work in the way I’d envisaged, and that’s the best compliment I think you can give an online editor.

Score 9/10

In summary: Of the four platforms I tested, this was by far the easiest to use in the manner I wanted it to. Whether using a template or ploughing forward with your own design, the Editor X platform is intuitive and comes with plenty of design options and a good support offering if you find yourself stuck (though I guarantee you won’t find yourself in this position).

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