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A British holiday in winter

Greg Devine


Snow on High Street summit, above Haweswater, The Lake District, UK

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UK holiday destinations don’t tend to be overrun in November, especially with lovers of good weather. Despite this, I still chose to go away with my mates to Tattershall Lakes in a caravan. It may not sound like paradise, but I had a great weekend away.

I proved to myself that having a good time isn’t dependent on where I am, it’s all about who I’m with. It wasn’t warm when we were away, it was raining heavily, but that didn’t stop us having a drink and enjoying the hot tub. We weren’t the only ones taking advantage of the cheaper, off-season prices—there were plenty of families, young couples, and dog lovers across the site. Everyone was really friendly, we even had people join us for a drink as they passed by.

Even during a cost-of-living crisis, people need a holiday—perhaps even more so. During such austere times, an all-inclusive 10-night getaway abroad may not be an option, but a good old-fashioned UK caravan holiday could be in reach for most people. In truth, I think it’s a great alternative. Such a break forces you to create fun with the people around you. It encourages deep conversation. There’s a sense of teamwork when making food, as each person takes a different role.

Was it relaxing? Maybe not all the time, but having a hot tub definitely helped us relax in the evening. We made the caravan feel somewhat ‘bougee’, with cheap champagne and relatively sophisticated conversation.  

Tattershall Lakes Country Park
Tattershall Lakes Country Park (Photo by

Tattershall Lakes is beautiful, even at this time of year. Going for a walk round the lake in the mornings when the air was crisp was a highlight. Plenty of people seemed to agree with me, as they took their dogs or children round the lake and stretched their legs. Everyone was incredibly talkative and polite, too. My group was quite loud at night, but people didn’t mind. We apologised the next morning; our neighbours said we weren’t being loud enough, and that we should enjoy ourselves more!

Skegness isn’t far away, had we fancied a day at the beach. I can imagine this being an idea during the summer, but I didn’t really feel the need to work on my tan in the middle of November. That said, I’ve been to Skegness out of season, and it’s not that bad. All the amusement arcades are still open, as is the chippy. To me, they’re the two things I need on a beach holiday, so I’d be quite satisfied. And, being out of season, there are no queues for anything either. You can freely move about without fear of knocking over a young child or their ice cream. The drunken youths are also not there at this time of year, so couples and older people may enjoy it more.

I would definitely recommend a weekend away to Tattershall Lakes, even this late in the year. My mates and I made some great memories. We may not have seen the sun all weekend—but did that bother us when we were getting drunk in the hot tub?! My parents went there in October with my dog, and they also had a great time. There really is something for everyone, and given the price, there’s very little to complain about!

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